recruitment solutions in pune

Permanent Recruiting

Blue Orion maintains a very high level of commitment to clients who employ a success-based approach to recruiting. We expect connectivity with line managers as well as Human Resource departments so that our team can have a better understanding of how to position your business. We at Blue Orion offer an aggressive, fast-paced approach and a strong pre-screening process to ensure that we introduce only candidates of high-caliber who are talented, qualified and motivated to be recruited.

Blue Orion provides Contingent and Retained Recruitment Solutions to clients in need of special recruiting project, who need to fill a critical management position, face a rapid rollout or have short duration recruitment need. Blue Orion has the resources, skills experience and the capability to support the internal recruitment efforts of its clients in a variety of disciplines.

Our Process is always confidential and discreet. We can handle one segment or all of the recruitment activities - from developing job descriptions and screening resumes through a post-hire orientation. We also manage special projects such as providing contract recruiters as well as conducting specific research functions.

Our Expert Boolean strings are developed for enhanced CV search results. We strive to deliver significant advantages and value to our clients through innovative services and flexible solutions.

Training & Development

Blue Orion Management Solutions provides a wide range of Customized Training Programs designed to help your employees realize their true potential and allow your organization to achieve their goals. Blue Orion works with your company to identify your needs and plan a training program to provide you with maximum benefits. Blue Orion has an extensive network of learning and development. Blue Orion imparts training at client site or at a location preferred by the clients.

Training and Development is the field concerned with organizational activity aimed to enhance the performance of an individual and groups in an organizational setting. Most of the organizations earlier by no means believed in Training and Development. There were also some views that training is a very costly affair and not worth. Organizations used to believe more in executive pinching. But now the scenario seems to be changing. The modern approach of training and development is that the Indian Organizations have realized the importance of Training & Development. Training is now considered as more of a retention tool than a costly activity. The training system within the Industry has been changed to create a smarter workforce and yield the best results within the organization.

For Executives and Asst. Managers For Managers & Senior Management
Personality Development Time & Stress Management
Time Management Skills Conflict Handling Skills
Professional & Business Etiquette Effective Decision Making Skills
Interpersonal Skills Being Assertive
Superior Customer Service Team Building Skills
Effective Selling Skills Behavior Management or Interpersonal Skills
How to be a Team Player Career Development of your Subordinates
Critical Thinking Team Leadership/ Organizational Leadership Mentoring
Leadership Qualities Interviewing Skills
Effective Managerial/Supervisory Skills Presentation Skills
Time Management E-mail Etiquette/Business Writing for Managers
Positive Attitude Transaction Analysis
Aptitude Training Negotiating Skills
Voice & Accent Training Effective Selling Skills
Self Motivation & Confidence Building How to Build Organizational Culture
Customer Etiquette Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
Motivation for Life Employee Empowerment
Training on Retail Management Voice Modulation

Contractual Recruiting

Blue Orion offers a concrete solution without compromising on the quality and on the abilities of skilled contractors who can make a significant difference to the success of a project as well as to the profitability of a company's business.

Our dedicated team of contract recruitment consultants work in a specific area of activity, each with a specific market focus and each determined to make the recruitment process straightforward and successful for our clients.

The quality of our consultants plays a vital role in the process. They take time and put in a lot of effort to get to know the contractors and work hard to put the abilities of those contractors into the most appropriate and effective positions.

Communication is critical throughout the process as contracts and expenses need to be organized and managed efficiently and professionally. We are well-versed in making sure that everything runs smoothly by ensuring that both the client and the contractor are informed at every step of the process.

Candidate Sourcing

Blue Orion specializes in providing passive candidates directly sourced from targeted companies. These contacts are sourced using telephone sourcing techniques.

Through Candidate Sourcing, professionals gain access to passive candidates that are directly sourced from competitors and from companies within a similar industry or organizational structure. This database of targeted candidates enables you to focus your energies on converting these passive candidates into a hire.

75% of the worlds active employees in today's workforce cannot be identified using traditional or internet sourcing methods. Instead of the usual active sourcing method used by the majority of recruiters, candidate sourcing identifies an untouched pool of candidates using the passive sourcing method.

Blue Orion provides market mapping solutions which enable clients to review and study markets prior to a launch or an expansion. Our refined mapping process will identify the key industry players existing within a specific market or a geographical location. We will then evaluate the sector, providing data on relevant organizations and give details of senior executives and teams working within the targeted companies. A comprehensive report gives the client an overview of the focus market and maps potential executive and team solutions for them,thereby enabling them to properly evaluate markets from business opportunities.